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About me

I have a fascination for how brands influence consumer behavior

More than 20 years I am an intelligence specialist in the marketing profession, with a university degree in Communication Science as a basis. Throughout the years I have developed a fascination for brands and marcom, especially in the field of fast movers and retail.

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As a marketing intelligence specialist I have experience with researching all kinds of marketing issues, ranging from innovation to communication, from strategy tot operation. I have experience on the agency side, as well as company side, so I know how to align with different stakeholders.

In my opinion successful marketing is always a combination of ‘science & art’. In my role I usually represent the science part, but I surely have an eye for the ‘art’ side of things, because there is often the difference between good and excellent. In the past few years I have been able to work closely on concepts and campaigns for two great and very different companies, Philips and Heineken.



My specialism is consumer & market intelligence. With a research perspective I look at different aspects of the marketing process. For many brands I have conducted different kinds of research projects, ranging from innovation concept development to pretesting based on neuro science. In my current role I deliver input for the campaign briefing based on consumer insights, and explore how big ideas can blossom. I participate in developing media strategies based on real time or past results and I contribute to optimising executions in order to achieve effective communications.



In 2014, I founded my own company De Kleine Super. The main drive of De Kleine Super is to genuinely understand why people behave the way they do, and to develop with these insights new concepts and effective activities that contribute in a meaningful way to a better future for all stakeholders involved.

Within the field of Consumer & Market Intelligence De Kleine Super offers the services ‘strategy’, ‘innovation & concept development’ and ‘marketing’.

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Social engagement

The Shopping Street Association Jan Eef was founded in 2011 with the idea that not only entrepreneurs will benefit from a “healthy” shopping area. Thus Shopping Street Association Jan Eef became the first association of which entrepreneurs as well as residents and real estate owners can join.

I am chairman of the board which among other things oversees the annual plans and finances of the shopping street association.

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